Daily routines: writing a report

Inspired by this infographic on the daily routines of famous artists, the students in this lesson develop team-building skills as they create a graph about specific habits and routines of their classmates. After brainstorming possible categories as a whole group, each team chooses six habits and routines they want to know more about. The students in each team take turns interviewing other classmates on their categories, collecting data, and reporting back to the team for the data to be graphed. Inside-Outside Circles are a good structured way to have the students interview each other and collect information.

Daily routinesDaily routines.pdf

The students then use their team’s graph to write a report that will include its purpose as an introduction, an explanation of the kind of data that was collected and how this was accomplished, an objective analysis using figures and percentages (“5% per cent of the students…”; “17 out of 27 students in the class…”; “only 4 students…”; “half of the class…”; “the vast majority of…”; and so on), and a final conclusion in which each student will offer recommendations and suggestions concerning areas that may need improving or changing, and corroborate those which are deemed appropriate. The graphs and the reports can be shared at the end with the rest of the teams and the final conclusions discussed orally as a whole group.

Creating a good classroom atmosphere by having students get to know each other a little bit better, training the students to take on different roles in their teams and to be accountable for their contributions, engaging in student-generated short informal interviews which revolve around their very own lives, and writing an expository text with both objective and subjective information, are just some of the goals that will have been reached by the end of this lesson.

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