There are places I remember

Adding and deleting words from texts allow students to use their grammatical knowledge to manipulate sentences, play with the language, and analyse the impact each of these changes have on meaning. In this activity, students add and delete words from two texts following certain rules. This close reading will also help students understand the texts better and compare them, contrast them, and finally be able to express personal opinions about them.



After discussing the first line written on the board (“There are places I remember all my life”) and coming up with special places that they can remember and the reasons behind this, the students read the lyrics of “In My Life” by The Beatles and decide which words can be deleted as long as they don’t cross out two or more words together. Students justify their answers orally first and then listen to the song and check the lyrics. How does the singer feel about those places he remembers? Are they good memories? How do they compare to the present? Is it any better?

For the second text, students add the words provided in the box wherever they think it’s possible and/or appropriate. Unlike the first one, however, a few more options are available here and so more discussion will be needed before listening to the original lyrics of “Half the World Away” since the addition of words will have to conform to both grammatical and semantic rules. How does the singer feel about the place he is in? Why do you think so? What do you think he needs to do? What would YOU do?

Finally, the students compare both songs, analyse how these places are used in each one, and choose the one they can most relate to, perhaps writing their choice and their reasons on post-it notes that can both hold the students accountable and provide a visual component once they are stuck on either side of the board.

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