The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is an easy-to-use web-based app from which can be used for quiz-like activities. In the game, the students have to answer a question or guess the definition of a word that begins or contains that letter. If they write the correct answer, the letter will go green, and if they are wrong it will turn red. The students are also allowed to skip the letter and try again later.

As with other similar games, this works best when it’s content-specific and therefore meaningful for the students (and the fact that the answers can either start with or contain a given letter makes it much easier to design), but I’m sharing a few general games that could be useful.

“Transport” uses picture prompts and is suitable for A2 students:


In “Around the house” (A2-B1) and “Clothes” (B1 and above), there are two different games for each category so that they can be turned into a class competition:

Around the house 1: the house 1

Around the house 2: the house 2


Clothes A: A

Clothes B: B

I’m also including this Trivia in which the students practise listening for specific information:

The game can become a great closure activity with a focus on vocabulary or any other type of content that has been worked on, and if put to use at the beginning of a unit it will also help to check the students’ prior knowledge and the areas that need improving. How about using it both at the beginning and the end of a lesson to set the objectives, create a need, and finally have the students demonstrate what they have learnt?

The ABCs of Santa Barbara by R Stanek, on Flickr

The ABCs of Santa Barbara” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by R Stanek

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