20 song-based lesson plans and activities

Here’s an update on this post with six other song-based lesson plans and activities. It’s also a desperate attempt at organising the chaos on this blog! In any case, I do hope you find something useful here.

Listening for specific information

1. The students write an explanation for each of the words, names or pictures in this timeline based on “Kilkelly, Ireland”, a song in which family news, including births and deaths, are shared for a period of thirty-two years.

2. “The Marvelous Toy” is used here to get the students to extract the main idea and listen for specific information and details that will be later used to write a paragraph.

Listening for the main idea

3.  Before working on an extract from Coleridge’s poem, the students become familiar with the plot of the story by listening to “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” as they put several pictures in the right order.

Working on specific reading comprehension skills

4. Parties, Story Maps and All That Jazz: the students work on comprehension skills, identifying and analysing story elements, making predictions and discussing the events in the story.

5. By making predictions, reading between the lines or establishing connections both within the text and with the world outside, the students practise a wide variety of reading comprehension skills in this lesson based on “Tom’s Diner”.

6. Students use context clues to fill in extracts from ten Halloween songs!

7. A Mad Libs song-based activity in which students will work to reconstruct the actual meaning of the text:

8. This reading and listening comprehension task will get the students analysing this song-based text using cohesive devices such as referencing:

Focusing on pronunciation

9. Using the theme song from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, students recognise and practise the various features of connected speech which make the stress pattern and rhythm of English so distinctive.

Practising specific structures and vocabulary

10. Adding and deleting words from texts allow students to use their grammatical knowledge to manipulate sentences, play with the language, and analyse the impact each of these changes have on meaning. In this activity, students add and delete words from two songs following certain rules.

11. In “Big Yellow Taxi”, the students find two words in each sentence which should change places with each other in order to make sense.

12. Paul Simon’s song is used here to practise reported speech structures and reporting verbs in a different way:

13. This song will provide a great context to present or revise first conditional structures, but it will also have students identify words and then sentences in the sequence of letters using grammatical, lexical and contextual clues:

14. Music Borders, which maps number 1 songs in over 3,000 places around the world, can help you to present or revise comparative and superlative structures in a meaningful way.

Revising language structures and vocabulary

Spelling, word order, context clues, inferences or sentence structure, including agreement, number or different tenses, are just some of the language skills the students will be practising in the last 6 lessons and activities:

15. “Your Song”

16. “Don’t Get Me Wrong”

17. “Everybody’s Changing”

18. “The Longest Time”

19.“Lean On Me”

20.“Somewhere Only We Know”

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