“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” alphabet book

My younger students read a graded reader based on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” this term. As a post-reading activity, the students have created an alphabet book with two DIN A3 papers on cardboard and 28 flaps (26 for each letter, and 2 extra ones.)

I asked the students to start by including words related to the settings and as many characters as possible, and then to use the rest of the letters for any key words in the story. On the outside of each flap, the students wrote the word for the corresponding letter (we found it was difficult to find words starting with a couple of letters, so we agreed a few could just contain that letter.) On the inside of the flap, they wrote one or two sentences explaining why that word was relevant in the story. Finally, on the upper part, the students wrote a short extract from the book in which the word is used, including the page number.

We are now going to take turns presenting the books to the rest of the class, especially focusing on the key words each pair has chosen. As a final task, the students will be asked to fill in the remaining two flaps with one of the following:
– Your opinion about the play.
– A summary of the play.
– A piece of music you would choose to go with the play.
– A short monologue by one of the characters explaining their feelings after the events.

7 thoughts on ““A Midsummer Night’s Dream” alphabet book”

  1. Teaching here in Spain love your page….what age group was this for? Also, did each student come up with their own alphabet or was it a total class project…….it seems like a lot of drawing and work for each student to do if they are doing their own individual alphabets. That notwithstanding your site is my favorite!

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    1. Hi! This is a group of 13-year-olds (2ESO – B1/B1+). The students worked in pairs for this task. The sample on the post was one of the most elaborate as those students like drawing – other students just drew much simpler pics with no colouring.
      Thanks so much for visiting! 🙂


      1. Thanks for responding so promptly. Glad to hear it was in pairs and that you placed one of the better efforts as an example……. keep up the great work!!!!! Don’t know how you find the time!!

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